Steven Sun

Steven Sun

The dynamic founder of Bright Horizons Media, is instrumental in driving the company’s innovative approach that has positioned it as a top performer in the marketing landscape. Steven graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in economics, and it’s this foundation that has empowered him to marry analytical thinking and creative problem-solving in a way that underpins Bright Horizons Media’s performance marketing strategies and client development initiatives.

Steven’s career path is diverse and rich in experience, having held roles in sales, account management, and mortgage brokering. His foray into the world of performance marketing began at RateSpecial, a leading performance marketing agency, where he refined his skills in client interaction and trend analysis. These experiences have bestowed him with a deep understanding of customer needs, and this insight is key to his ability to devise bespoke strategies tailored to each client’s industry and objectives.

Since launching Bright Horizons Media in 2012, Steven has led successful campaigns for adiverse and high-profile client roster, including Experian, Uber, Pressed Juicery, and Wild Alaskan Company. Steven’s approach to marketing is characterized by thorough research, data- backed decision making, and the creation of custom strategies that mirror the diverse needs of his clients.

Under Steven’s leadership, Bright Horizons Media transcends the traditional role of a marketing agency—it’s a performance-driven media company that offers a full spectrum of services, including technology, account management, and performance. His unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and staying attuned to industry trends has positioned Bright Horizons Media as a forward-thinking player in the digital marketing space.

Beyond his professional commitments, Steven is an active investor with interests in startups and a variety of real estate markets, both residential and industrial. Passionate about maintaining a balanced lifestyle, Steven enjoys sports like tennis and volleyball, and is a regular visitor to the gym to keep fit. His belief in fostering a healthy work-life balance is a testament to his holistic approach to success, which is reflected in the culture of Bright Horizons Media.

Blaine LaBron

Blaine LaBron is a Strategic Advisor at Bright Horizons Media, bringing over 20 years of prolific experience in marketing and technology. As a performance marketer at heart, Blaine’s profound understanding of data and analytics forms the basis of his decision-making process, consistently driving success through revenue-backed strategies. His expertise in leveraging technology for creating operational efficiencies, enhancing customer experiences, and boosting revenue growth underscores his leadership in the digital transformation realm. Prior to joining Bright Horizons Media, Blaine made significant contributions as the Vice President of Digital Commerce and Technology at Pressed. Leading the company through a global rebranding exercise, Blaine also managed the engineering, IT, and e-commerce fulfillment teams, while guiding the implementation of an effective omnichannel marketing technology strategy.

A pivotal achievement during his tenure at Pressed was the establishment of Pressed Post and the inception of a scalable virtual kitchen model. This revolutionary initiative rapidly transformed into a multimillion-dollar sales channel in just three years, showcasing Blaine’s innate ability for innovation and growth-driving strategy.

In earlier roles as Vice President of Marketing at The Proactiv Company and Guthy|Renker, Blaine led successful digital transformation efforts that resulted in substantial annual revenue growth and, at Proactiv, an acquisition by Nestlé Skin Health. His leadership saw a transition to more efficient digital channels across a broad portfolio, highlighting his proficiency in digital marketing and sales.

Blaine’s innovation-centric leadership style, coupled with a deep understanding of e-commerce, consumer packaged goods, and quick-service retail sectors, render him an invaluable asset to Bright Horizons Media. A graduate in International Business and Marketing from Pepperdine University, Blaine offers data-driven strategies that enable brands to achieve their objectives, maximize their digital presence, and scale new heights in the digital landscape.

Blaine LaBron

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